"Latina Voices/Voces de Mujeres Latinas" Book

I made two illustrations for the book "Latina Voices" created by Spanish Professor Ana Fernandez. I worked for her a year ago as her Teacher Assistant and when she found out I was an artist she asked me to collaborate in her project. I enjoyed the opportunity very much as I had never done portrait illustrations in this way, it was great practice. She asked me to be her TA once again during Fall 2019, the book has been printed and she wants my help in the exhibitions and the promotion material. In the images above you can see the flyer I made for these events. it is a picture of the book it self, with a collage on the left page containing some of the illustrations found through out the book. I am very exited to see part of my work printed and being in exhibition, I hope a lot of people get to enjoy it as well. There's a lot more I can do with my artistic skills, I am exited to experiment. 

Gina Rodriguez copy.jpg
Gina Rodriguez copy.jpg
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