QuestED - Game Development

During Fall semester 2019 I took a Computer Science elective on Software development, the idea is to create a software for a client. In my case, we are designing a game for iOS systems using Swift. Because I am an art major I offered to create part of their UI Design, therefore most, if not all, the graphics for the games will be delivering. I included screenshots on how it will ideally look once all the graphics have come together. At the bottom of the page, you can see the individual graphics including the characters and their description within the game. We'll be developing two games with a theme of Fantasy Kingdom. The idea of this app is to help the patients that are have Leukemia understand the process and their disease in a better and more fun way that they have right now. Therefore, each level in the game belongs to a specific topic related to Leukemia, the one I'll be designing is for "What is Cancer?". 

Concept of the game: The patients character must save as many "good" fish as possible before "time" runs out, by avoiding the "bad" fish that will lower their life and make them loose before completing the game. Each fish belong to one of the three cells that come out from the Bone Marrow that can become cancerous, therefore the green fish would be the sick fish that makes you loose the game. Since each of the "good" fishes belongs to a cell, and each one of those cells has a different effect on your body, then each fish will be a power ups to either slow time, increase life, e.t.c.  

Game Pages Screenshot

Game Background Design


Game Elements Design