FUNDEGUA is a non-profit in Guatemala. I created the prototype of their logo, of which they have improved over the past years. I've done photography to document their field work and other for promotional purposes. I created designs and videos for their social media. As well as I gave them some of my personal photography to use in presentations and to improve the non-profit's visuals.

COVID-19 Enciendete is a project developed by FUNDEGUA to teach people in rural Guatemala about the disease and strategies to prevent getting it. These graphics will be distributed in all media through out Guatemala. 


ALMA is a chatbot developed by FUNDEGUA that transmits trustworthy information about COVID-19 to all Guatemalan citizens and regulates calls by giving priority to those detected as "High Risk" people to the Call Center to reduce traffic. I developed the initial brand image for ALMA and several charts, including the pitch deck that was presented at the SENACYT ceremony when they won.